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Being Perfect is Hard

Meet our very favorite new obsession: Jacci from the edgy and ultra stylish blog Being Perfect is Hard. We recently found her and her fashion musings through Tumblr and immediately got into contact, the result is below and she’s got some Miistas in the mail — keep your eyes peeled, we cannot wait to see how she works them!

1. It was love at first sight for us. We found your blog and immediately connected with it. Tell us about the origins of your creative outlet and everything you have going on. I know you’ve mentioned a shop, styling work, etc on top of the blogging…fill us in!

I kind of started my blog as a joke about 3 years ago. I didn’t start it to be a “Style” blog, but I guess that is what it’s turned into. My creative outlet comes from people I see on the street, Tumblr, music videos, and things that happen in my daily life. I think of my blog as my own visual diary. It’s a mashup of all the things I think are cool, mixed with my own personal style. I also run the Etsy shop, Some Velvet Vintage. I find all the clothing, style it, shoot all the photos myself. I’m hoping in the near future to start selling my own Some Velvet Vintage line. I’ve just recently started making clothes, and I have tons of ideas. I can never sleep past 7:30 am because there’s too much floating around in my head.

styling from Some Velvet Vintage
styling from Some Velvet Vintage
Some Velvet Vintage
Some Velvet Vintage

2. You have such a unique style — and that’s not something we say to a lot of people. Where/what/who are your inspirations and what are your favorite shopping spots?

Well I really love vintage 60’s/70’s dresses but I also really love hip hop and 90’s grunge stuff, so I kind of just smash it all together and out comes my style. Almost all of my clothing comes from thrift stores and I go thrifting 1-2 times a week. Other than that, I do a lot of online shopping. I find a lot of unique things on Etsy of course. Other sites I check all the time are Nasty Gal, Romwe, Wasteland, Solestruck, Unif, Wildfox, etc.

hologram glasses to die for
Roberto Piqueras AW12 style inspo
Jacci styling it out
Deadmeat AW12 inspo

3. Which decade speaks the most to you in a sartorial sense? What year should you have been born, or are you in just the right place?

This answer changes for me on a daily basis. I love so much about every decade, I think that’s why I’m so drawn to the whole vintage clothing thing. If I had to pick one decade that makes me feel the most nostalgic, it would be the 90’s, but that’s because I grew up then. I love the grunge look (although it seems to have taken on a whole new meaning these days), and I could sing you every word to every 90’s r&b/hip hop song. I think I’m in the right place, but wouldn’t mind having a time machine to go back to Woodstock, Studio 54, and maybe hit up some speakeasys. [ed. note: we’ll definitely be joining you on that trip lady]

Style inspiration Glamour France
Inspo for days

4. What are some of your favorite blogs personally? You seem to always have fresh to death content.

I really admire the girls of Tunnel Vision in California. They all have insane personal style that you can see on their blogs and it’s also reflected in their shop. Vintage Virgin is a fave, along with Oracle Fox, Halcoholic, Waltz in Black…there’s so many! If you go to Being Perfect is Hard, you’ll see a whole list of my daily reads on the side of the blog.

5. Break down your perfect outfit for this season! And while we’re at it — favorite collections from Fall?

An oversized, chunky, graphic cardigan over a velvet mini dress with some thick black tights and my new Miista boots! I’m really into beanies and huge scarves right now too.

NAME: Jacci with two c’s
ZODIAC SIGN: Sagitarrius
LAST HALLOWEEN COSTUME: Hmm, the last one I actually remember was Biggie Shorty. From the movie Pooty Tang. I was thinking of being Rob Zombie this year (circa 1992 of course) [ed. note: literally cannot handle you. #amazing]
JOB TITLE: I build bicycle wheels for my 9-5 job, but I also spend a lot of time working on my blog and also styling, photographing, and making clothes for Some Velvet Vintage.
NAIL COLOR: Right this second they are an ikat print that I made up.
OMBRE OR COTTON CANDY COLORS: How about an hombre eating some cotton candy?
CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT BEAUTY PRODUCT: Black eyeliner. I don’t leave the house without it.
FAV PAIR OF SOCKS: I have a pair of Hannah Montana socks that I found at the dollar store.
DESCRIBE YOUR STYLE IN 3 WORDS: Angela, Rayanne, Rickie. You know, from My So Called Life or at least that’s what I’d like to look like. A combination of the three. This was like 30 words. [ed. note: best. possible. answer.]
PIECE OF JEWELRY THAT NEVER LEAVES YOUR BODY: I’m a big earrings girl. The more huge, the more better. I also love my Bloodmilk rings.

ikat nailz
2 of the 3

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