SS14 Lookbook

March 30 / /

AQUASCAPISM The beauty and power of the sea

Our new Miista SPRING/SUMMER 2014 collection is inspired by something big, ancient – but always fresh: The sea! The movement of waves, the calm of the natural world juxtaposed with our modern lives, the iridescent refraction of water and light, the colours present in elaborate seascapes – all of this is what we call AQUASCAPISM. […]

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venice calypso

August 29 / /

Subterranean Music From Venice Calypso

Sebastian Bartz aka Venice Calypso is a potent club musician in London via Poland. His sound is bold and energetic, so we wanted to have a quick chat. His music manages to be both murky and slick. It crispy clean club music but it’s almost as if it’s subterranean, played through layers and layers of […]

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August 24 / / / /

Miista Miley Dark Green AW14

Today on the spot: Miista Miley Dark Green. Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Stine Goya jumper 2. Valentino bag 3. Maison Michel hat  4. Stella McCartney skirt 6. MIISTA Miley Dark green ( coming soon! ) 7. Stine Goya earcuff 8. Frends earphones            Video: Pharell Williams- It Girl   

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Nicki Minaj Anaconda

August 20 / / / /

Nicki Minaj Ft. Butts

Nicki’s new video is out and it features a lot of butts. Really, a lot of butts. How much is too much? Let’s get the first thing out of the way – I think Nicki Minaj is an incredibly talented woman. What she did in Kayne’s Monster was special – it’s all the proof one […]

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August 16 / / / / /

Streetstyle: East London, 17th August

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest shots from East London.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!    

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September 1 / / / / /

Miranda July’s ‘Somebody’

From WhatsApp to Snapchat, apps seem to be changing the way we communicate. What’s next? Those apps have helped us in times where face-to-face interaction feels intimidating or just impossible, whether it’s that tearful breakup or birthday wishes to loved ones faraway. Miranda July looks further back into the history and brings out a next […]

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miista jobs

August 29 /

Looking For Cinderella

Hey girl! Do you happen to have size 37 feet? You might be our Cinderella then. Making a shoe is a long process. We’ve written a few blog posts about it in the past to describe it. Between Laura designing the shoe and it reaching the shops, lots happens. A very crucial part of the […]

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August 23 / / / /

Streetstyle: East London, 23 August

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest shots from East London.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!      

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August 19 / / /

The Uneasy Watching

It’s been a while since we shared our favourite music videos. So, to do so we’ve listed seven that we’ve really liked. It’s not deliberate but a common denominator is that they’ve all made us feel a little uneasy.                     BANKS – BEGGIN FOR THREAD She […]

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August 31 / / /

Inspiration: Miista Ashlee boots AW/14

Today on the spot: Miista Ashlee boots from AW14 collection. Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. H&M cardigan 2. Saint Laurent bag 3. H&M tank top 4. Kenzo scarf 6. MIISTA Ashlee boots (coming soon! ) 7. Sandro belt 8. Ganni skirt 9. Rayban sunglasses          Video: Madonna – Don’t Tell Me  

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Zrzut ekranu 2014-08-27 (godz. 22.51.19)

August 27 / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Alexia Bottle Green

Today on the spot: Miista Alexia Bottle Green from AW14 collection. Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Burberry poncho 2. Fendi bag 3. Gap turtleneck 4. David Webb ear rings 6. MIISTA Alexia Bottle Green (coming soon! ) 7. Moschino belt 8. Acne jeans          Video: Stone Roses – Waterfall  

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notting hill carnival

August 22 / / / / /

Notting Hill Carnival 2014

It’s time for Notting Hill Carnival! Since its conception in the 60s, Notting Hill Carnival has grown into the biggest street fests in Europe. It’s a huge celebration of the Caribbean culture, and by extension the multiculturalism of London. For those two days, the whole of London becomes one. It’s probably one of the best […]

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Claudette by Malika Gaudin-Delrieu

August 18 / / /

La Vie En Rose – Claudette’s Story

“I’d rather sell my ass than my soul; it’s harder but much cleaner.” These are the words of Claudette – a hermaphrodite sex worker from Switzerland. Said to Malika Gaudin-Delrieu, the French photographer became fascinated by Claudette and her story. La Vie En Rose was born from that. Delrieu went to Switzerland to work on […]

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August 30 / / / / / /

Street Style, Brick Lane, 30th August

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest shots from East London.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!      

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black eye

August 27 / / /

Dare I Say No?

Every woman is familiar with the uncomfortable feeling of being approached by some douche that can’t take no for an answer. This morning an image was making rounds on Facebook. A woman was assaulted at carnival after she had the audacity to tell someone off when he invited himself to touching her bum. I stand […]


August 20 / / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Jeanine White

Today on the spot: Miista Jeanine White. Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. ACNE mohair jumper 2. Saint Laurent bag 3. H&M shirt 4. Saint Laurent hat 6. MIISTA Jeanine White boots 7. H&M belt 8. H&M leather trousers 9. Red Valentino bag          Video: Jamiroquai – Cosmic Girl   

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August 17 / / /

Inspiration: Miista Randi Black / Gold Loafers // AW14

Today on the spot: Randi Black/Gold. Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. ACNE skirt 2. ACNE sweatshirt  3. Balenciaga bag 4. UNIF hat 6. MIISTA RANDI Black/Gold loafers 7. ACNE scarf 8. Top Shop t-shirt 9. ACNE earrings          Video: Janet Jackson – All for you   

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