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The Primark Scandal: A High Street Downfall

Nothing says ‘cheap thrills’ like Primark. It epitomizes fast fashion; a store where people can go and make quick guilt-free purchases. Fashion isn’t only for the wealthy and so Primark lies as somewhat of a haven for many. Even the fashion conscious mix cheap with chic thinking it’s only the label inside, but it’s becoming […]

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Cerruti SS15

July 4 / / / /

PFW: Cerruti SS15

Better late than never – here’s a throwback to Paris last Friday. To the Cerruti SS15 menswear show to be specific. We would’ve preferred being more on time but between moving (BT still hasn’t installed our Internet!) and preparing for upcoming collections (AW14 is so close to hitting stores!) we don’t have time to shower, […]

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June 28 / / / /

Men’s Fashion Week, Paris

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest shots from Men’s Fashion Week in Paris.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!    

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Lee Roach SS15

June 24 / / / /

Lee Roach at London Collections: Men

Though London Collections: Men is now behind us, we’re still reliving some great moments. Amongst them is the Lee Roach SS15 show. Minimal and uniform are the keywords when it comes to Lee Roach. His collections are stripped of all unnecessary noise, instead showing sharp lines and a certain cleanness almost untypical to London. His […]

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Henrik Vibskov SS15

July 7 / / / / /

PFW: Henrik Vibskov SS15

One more throwback to menswear fashion week in Paris before we can move on with out lives. It’s Henrik Vibskov and he took our breath away. That’s of course nothing new. He’s constantly doing something exciting and this time was no different. Prints came aplenty – gold chain print gets a graphic update and neoprene […]

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July 3 / / / /

Banksy: Unauthorised Retrospective

Without a doubt, the most famous street artist of our time is Banksy. We finally had the pleasure of seeing his work featured in a street exhibition at the Sotheby’s auction house. Entitled the ‘Unauthorised Retrospective,’ the entire show was assembled by his former agent Steve Lazarius. Banksy began establishing himself as an anonymous street […]

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Inspiration: Miista Zoe Aqua Perfuma

Today on the spot: Miista Zoe Aqua Perfuma . Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Sophie Hulme bag 2. H&M top 3. H&M skirt 4. Valentino wallet 6. MIISTA Zoe Aqua Perfuma  7. Dolce & Gabanna earrings 8. H&M hoodie        Video: Yuna – Live your life  

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June 22 / / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Patti Black Speckle

Today on the spot: Miista Patti Black Speckle . Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Burberry bag 2. Isabel Marant top 3. Saint Laurent jacket 4. Each x other shorts 6. MIISTA Patti Black Speckle  7. Isabel Marant earrings 8. Isabel Marant belt        Video: Rhye – Open  

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July 6 / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Cristina Black Speckle

Today on the spot: Miista Cristina Black Speckle . Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Valentino bag 2. Isabel Marant jumper 3. Isabel Marant shorts 4. For Love and Lemons bra top 6. MIISTA Cristina Black Speckle  7. Acne jacket 8. Sciume Tabit ring          Video: TLC – Creep  

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July 3 / / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Saira Lavender

Today on the spot: Miista Saira Lavender . Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Zadig & Voltaire bag 2. H&M skirt 3. H&M top 4. Zadig & Voltaire blouse 6. MIISTA Saira Lavender  7. H&M sunglasses 8. Zadig & Voltaire scarf          Video: Phil Collins – In the air tonight  

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Cheaper with a tweet Miista

June 26 / / / /

Cheaper With a Tweet

Social media is great – especially if we can use it to our advantage. Starting on the 14th of July, you will have five days to use Twitter to drop our prices! Summer sales are great and all, but we like our lives a bit more fun and inventive. So, we’re giving you the power […]


June 21 / / / / /

Streetstyle: LCM, part 2

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest streetstyle shots from London Fashion Week, Men Collections, Day 2 & 3.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!    

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July 4 / / /

Streetstyle: Brick Lane, 4th July

Streetstyle shots  by Alice Zielasko Check out the the newest shots from Brick Lane, London.               FOLLOW @MIISTASHOES ON INSTAGRAM AND TWITTER!    

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June 30 / / / /

Inspiration: Miista Amber Black

Today on the spot: Miista Amber Black . Check out the collage! / by Alice Zielasko 1. Moschino bag 2. Top Shop dress 3. Top Shop bra 4. Top Shop hat 6. MIISTA Amber Black  7. Prim sunglasses 8. Acne cardigan 9. Aesop hand cream        Video: Diana Ross – Love Hangover  

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June 25 / / /

Robin Thicke’s Psycho Romance

We all remember the tirades Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines resulted in. For a good reason, really. As catchy as it was – and I can’t deny it would get me tapping my feet on the floor – it was essentially a rape anthem. This week he is due to release a new album titled Paula […]


June 20 / / /


How about a sneaky peek to the behind the scenes of Miista AW14 lookbook shoot at the Barbican? The past two weeks have been far too much excitement for any Miista to handle but here we are. We survived the castings and found two spectacular girls to star our lookbook. We arranged the most amazing […]