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    August 6 / MIISTA / Politics / What we like

    The Queen of Kings

    In the depths of Northern Africa, the Tuareg, a ‘nomadic pastoralist’ people, live richly through a (virtually unheard of) interpretation of Islam. The term ‘Tuareg’ meaning ‘abandoned by god’ is the first…

  • Brittney Griner (2)

    August 4 / MIISTA / What we like / Women


    BY BEA SWEET I know it’s kind of unusual that my first beauty-related post for Miista is totally devout of makeup inspiration, product mentions, fashion editorial examples and beauty tips.. but I…

  • unnamed

    July 29 / MIISTA / Music / What we like

    Hump Day Tunes

    What’s the last song you listened to? Well, we’ve compiled a list of tunes from each of the Miistas and the last of the last songs each of us listened to. From rap,…

  • 1988:  Florence Griffith Joyner poses for a portrait in 1988.  (Photo by Tony Duffy/Getty Images)

    July 27 / Fashion / What we like


    As we near end of our Future Athens collection, we wanted to honour a heroine, whose style and athletic abilities are on point: Florence Griffith Joyner. “Conventional is not for me. I…

  • Miista and Sandra

    July 7 / Art / What we like / Women


    Catwoman, lycra, and whips: every man’s fantasy, or a female Superheroine? We’ve come a long way from Bride to Be, Nellie the Nurse, and Mille the Model comic books since Marvel debuted…

  • Minna2

    June 22 / Art / Music / Photography / What we like

    A Week In The World Of Miista

    Mondays can be a bit too much even if you’re living a dream, loving your job and expecting a huge parcel from Totokaelo. To make the transition into the new week a…


    March 31 / Art / Photography / What we like

    Still Life With Gala Slater

    The great thing about living in East London is that you never run out of new creative people to meet. Gala Slater is one of those rad creatives. After doing her degree…

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    March 25 / Fashion / What we like / Women

    Evan Rachel Would

    Remember our friends over at Wildfang? The baddest, raddest tomboys have been busy with a project they’ve just launched, starring Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Fabian Burgy

    March 17 / Art / Interview / What we like

    Interview: Fabian Bürgy

    Fabian Bürgy is a multimedia artist with quite the unusual portfolio. His work is evocative, targeting a whole spectrum of emotions. Some of it is appealing by definition – it’s serene, it’s…

  • Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 18.27.11

    March 12 / Fashion / What we like

    Best of AW15

    The day after Paris fashion week finishes always feels like coming up for air, just for a moment, before the next wave hits. It’s a moment of reflection in the middle of…

  • DSC_9217

    March 9 / Interview / What we like

    Tales of Retail: ANTHOM

    We all know the feeling of finding our new favourite shop where everything is wonderful. “I’ll have this, this and that, please. And maybe these as well?” Then reality hits and you…

  • BourdinAAC237575

    February 9 / What we like

    Valentine’s: Survival Guide

    Valentine’s Day is coming. Here’s a survival guide to make sure you come out of it in one piece, regardless of your relationship status or state of mind.