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Cheaper With a Tweet


Social media is great – especially if we can use it to our advantage. Starting on the 14th of July, you will have five days to use Twitter to drop our prices!

Summer sales are great and all, but we like our lives a bit more fun and inventive. So, we’re giving you the power to decide which of the styles are discounted and by how much. It’s the Cheaper with a Tweet campaign and it means every time someone tweets about a specific style through our website, the price will automatically drop for everyone. It starts on the 14th of July and goes on until the 18th – all it takes is one tweet. But, do make sure you pick your THE favourite style as you can only tweet once.

The fun and a little bit of competitiveness comes in here – how much your tweet will make the price drop depends on your Twitter following. We will generate your ‘Klout score’ – it’s a number between 1 and 100 that tells us how big is your social media influence. An average active Twitter user has a Klout score of about 20 which would make the price drop 1.5% – someone with more followers can bring it down by 7%. It’s worth going all strategic and getting the coolest social media celebs to tweet for you. The prices can go down to £1 + shipping in no time. Don’t wait too long – once it’s out of stock, it’s out of stock.

During the campaign the shop page will look like this:

Screenshot 2014-07-14 09.51.49

Of course having Twitter account is pretty fundamental to participate so first thing you should go here to sign up or log into your account. Once you’re back on the shop page you, pick your absolute favourite style and click on the ‘Make It Cheaper’ button underneath it. Then, voila! You’ll land on a new page that will look like this:

Screenshot 2014-07-14 09.52.06

Here you will see your Klout Score and how much your tweet will discount the shoes. You can then edit your Tweet to discuss your exceptional influence on social media or instead complain about the weather. The price will go down regardless of what you say, though if you want to confess your love to Miista, we’re ok with that for sure. If you suffer from a distinct lack of Katy Perry’s Twitter following, get your favourite celebs and bloggers involved to make it even cheaper. Link them to this post: http://miista.com/?p=25249

That’s it, really.

All you need to do is send out one tweet. There’s no signing up or following anyone, nor will you be receiving spammy emails for the rest of eternity. No strings attached. Just keep in mind – the bigger the following, the bigger the discount! If you have any questions at all, you can leave them in the comments section or shoot us an email at info@miista.com.

Terms and conditions of the Twitter campaign:

1. During the twitter campaign the maximum of pairs permitted is one pair per customer and Pay Pal account or Credit/Debit card.
2. Customers are restricted to tweeting only one product during the campaign.
3. The campaign launches July 14 at 10AM GMT and finishes on the 18th of July at 6PM GMT, subject to stock availability.
4. We shut the shop at 8PM GMT to leave the office and go home. You can still make purchase but can’t use the Make It Cheaper button. It launches again at 9AM.
5. All orders are subject to availability and confirmation of the order price.
6. We aim to send out all orders as soon as possible however it may take up to 10 working days for it to be dispatched. Miista cannot guarantee specific delivery times and will not be responsible for delays subject to force majeure.
7. All sales during the campaign are final. No refunds or returns are permitted.


  • Andrea Ridgely says:
    July 11, 2014

    Hi there
    Is anyone allowed to buy the discounted shoes online even if we haven’t participated in the twitter challenge or is it only if you have participated?
    Also at what point can we purchase the shoes during the challenge is it throughout next week or only the end of next week once challenge is up?

  • Ella Hagi says:
    July 12, 2014

    Hi Andrea! Everyone is allowed to buy – you don’t have to tweet, nor will you have to buy something if you do tweet. You can make a purchase at any point of the campaign. But, there is limited stock so whilst you can wait for the price to drop, you then risk missing out. Once it’s out of stock, it’s out of stock for good. I hope this explains!

  • jenna says:
    July 14, 2014

    Hello! Wondering if shoes will be restocked? I had been eyeing a style for a while but they have been out of stock in my size for a few weeks on your website and also with retailers. will you be getting more sizes in or are OOS sizes just OOS forever?

  • Ella Hagi says:
    July 14, 2014

    Hey Jenna, we’re not really planning to restock anything – we will where we can, but if it’s been out for a while it’s not likely to come back. If you let me know what style and size you’re after, I can try looking if a stockist still has it. Please email it to ella(at)miista.com x

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