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Claudio Parentela is an illustrator, painter, photographer, mail artist, cartoonist, collagist and freelance journalist. That’s right, he just about does it all.

Recently we’ve had artists contact us asking to be featured on our blog, which is just about the coolest thing ever. Such an honor that people are seeking us out and we love having a new way to be introduced to the creative folk around the world! Claudio Parentela is an Italian artist who sent us some of his work and we are so excited to be able to feature him. This jack of all trades has a robust repertoire of works that embody vivacious energy and punk sensibilities. Long a part of the underground art scene, he’s collaborated with countless zines, contemporary art magazines and comics. His start came in 1995 as he displayed his work throughout Eastern Europe and he’s been creating nonstop ever since.

We are particularly fond of his collage work, which is jarring, bright and hard to look away from. In an interview with Ganzo Mag he describes his intent for viewer reaction, “I create quickly and automatically without focusing on any specific problem. I do feel free, especially when I have all of my stuff in front of me, ready to be used, mixed into a sort of punk alchemy. I never know what will come out of it. I simply go with the flow and try to be present in that moment. I hope to evoke emotions, to free emotions, in myself and in my audience.” Punk Alchemy. Such a good description — clearly Parentela knows how to mix and match his pictures as well as his words.

The fifty year old artist resides in the ancient city of Magna Graecia where he whiles away his days painting. As he approaches 20 years in the art scene he explains his hopes for his work to Serial Optimist, “I desire that my artworks will travel in the always new, unknown world. I pray everyday for this and I put in my artwork secret prayers, sure. I can listen to all the thoughts and voices of the entire solar system…Oh, and I love fashion.” We love reading through all of these interviews that he’s given, he has a very specific way of communicating and as he translates his thoughts from Italian to English the result is just as intriguing as the sentiment. Ok, we know, you get it, we’re obsessed with him. If you aren’t catching the vibes yet, just wait until you view his work. His punk alchemy. He mixes elements of contemporary art with surrealism and the result is just breath taking.

We’ve selected just a few of our favorites but there are many, many more. Visit his homepage — but be warned, it’s just as energetic as his pieces and thus a little hard on the eyes. Totally worth it though!







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Claudio Parentela 3








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