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Everything you need to know about our Spring/Summer 2013 collection and more!

Miista’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection ELECTROMANCER explores the sweaty energy of an industrial rave, the unexpected joy elicited from a hot pink kitten, the ancient natural structure of geodes, the futuristic fantasy feel of the 1962 science fiction novel Necromancer, the magic encapsulated within a nebula, the intricate neon body of a jellyfish, the yellow orange of the Omega Nebula, the magic of natural forces and the unstructured beauty of the vast unknown. Our inspiration took us on a long, winding journey which began in a sci-fi fantasy world and ended deep below the dirt. As always we utilized our concept of ‘Measured Madness’ to juxtapose seemingly unrelated elements, and for this season we found a balance between the bizarre unknown and the beauty of nature.

Light served as a major element within the collection. We experimented heavily with lucite and iridescent materials in order to create footwear with a post-modern, futuristic feel. Perspex heels, iridescent leathers and pastel coloured, matte plastics carry throughout much of the collection to provide the sci-fi element we sought. Heels constructed with sheets of Perspex line up in the light to create a rainbow. Colour gradients, as if our leathers were bleached by light, run through many styles. Skinny plastic tubing serves as piping as well as the material for intricate weaving patterns. Don’t be surprised to find an iridescent spike or two.

We brought the collection back down to earth by using textures and creating our own patterns inspired by organic material. Minerals, spores, and various terrain all fueled our inspiration. The intricate patterns we developed have clear ties to the naturally occurring repetitions in nature. We built heels from lucite to mimic crystalline structures. We wrapped dyed raffia around the base of our platforms and wedges. And by working with a double insole we were able to play even more with colour.

The colour palette is predominantly made up of pastels. Blues, oranges and reds with some pink and purple accents all play very strong roles. Gradients of colour are used frequently and metallics serve as accent colors. The collection is experimental; it was our first time using many of the techniques and combinations seen within these styles. We had a clear vision of strange, unnerving beauty — a look to futuristic oddities and the natural magic of the everyday — and by chasing these ideas we’ve created a collection of strong yet feminine styles with bold accents, major color combinations and innovative constructions. As irreverent as ever, Miista is at it again.

SS13 Moodboard

Click here to view the inspiration behind the collection: http://miista.com/electromancer/

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