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I’ll Tumble for you – women publishing p0rn

There has been if not numerous – quite a few attempts in the past to start porn magazines by women catering for women. They have all failed. Until now.

A few weeks ago – Sarah Nicole Prickett (aka @snpsnpsnp on Twitter), and co-editor of the successful intellectual mag, The New Inquiry, had a party in New York to launch her porn mag for women – Adult. The lascivious invite beckoned you to come along, plus not one but two. The first issue was heavily laced with mostly naked female models masturbating, and a feature on poets “we would like to f&%ck.”

Prickett is aiming to get more males in front of the camera. “We’ve all sort of internalized this idea that the female body is just intrinsically more attractive.” she told the New Yorker.

Will Adult aimed at women fly? We hope so. But it may not. History is littered with female adult magazines that failed, especially if they had many erotic photos of men.

Meanwhile Tumblr is teaming with porn, porn Tumbled by girls and women. Porn4Ladies styling itself as a home for romatic porn is just one example. There’s much of it, and often it’s mixed in the feeds with posts about other stuff, which means it gets seen by a wide audience. In fact, there’s so much of it that it’s changing the porn aesthetic. Porn in the hands of women is subtle, more aesthetically pleasing. Quite often they are selfies. It contain a far more varied set of bodies than profesional or male porn.

Who would have thought that the ease of Tumbling and taking pictures would lead to a blossoming of erotic content of and by women? Yet, even in this female erotica environment the frequency of female subjects and popularity of them (count the Tumbles and favourites), far outstrips (excuse the pun) that of male subjects.

It seems that the female gaze is more aesthetic than the male gaze, but it’s focus is more or less on the same thing.

Beautiful, female bodies.

Sarah Nicole Prickett
Sarah Nicole Prickett

The new Adult mag

A spread from Adult

Tumblr erotica

Tumblr erotica

2013-11-13 12.31.02

Tumblr erotica

Tumblr erotica

Tumblr erotica

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Tumblr erotica

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