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Brows are the new lips, y’all.

In the continual evolution of fashion we see new body parts emphasized — times where cleavage is the end all be all, eras where backs are the height of sex appeal, seasons when legs are shown to no end. Beauty operates in the same way, one day it’s all about a pumped up red lip and the next bronze and body glitter are must have staples of any woman’s look. It does seem however that we’re riding on a merry go round of various points of emphasis — but now we’re finally seeing something new.

Not to say that eyebrows haven’t had their time in the spotlight — as the pendulum of what’s in swings back and forth between pencil thin and bushy (oof and who can forget the dreaded eyebrow ring, thankfully for now that’s staying firmly planted in the past) we’ve seen beauty trends change to highlight this particular area of the face. But for the first time in recent fashion history, eyebrows are getting way more attention than ever before. Colors, embellishments, futuristic shaping and penciling — we’re hitting a new frontier in the brow arena and it’s certainly going to be an interesting ride.

Eyebrows are an incredibly crucial feature: they shape the face and are instrumental in non-verbal communication. Biologically they exist to keep sweat and debris from running down your face into your delicate eye balls, and the bone they exist upon aids in providing shade from bright sunlight. Some evolutionary scientists have suggested that they embody a failed purpose physically — insisting that their real importance comes in communication. Brows add to the animation of human expression and there’s nothing more bizarre than seeing someone with bald brows (picture the unlucky frat brother who passed out too early and lost his friendly tufts to drunken shenanigans — not a good look). Eyebrow modification is common as many women pluck, wax or thread the area to gain more definition. There’s also a surgical option of adding in more hair to the area that’s less frequently opted for. But recently we’ve seen an insurgence of new brow decorations, particularly in terms of color.

Balenciaga runway
Balenciaga runway
Blogger from My Cosmetics Bag experiments with color
Beautylish does Lilac
Beautylish does Orange
Meadham Kirchhoff runway

We all are well aware of the My Little Pony hair color trend that swept the world this past year. You couldn’t walk a block in a major city without passing a pink haired girl or boy, but for the most part their eyebrows remained au natural. It’s funny because I was recently trotting down the subway steps on my way uptown and passed an older lady, maybe early 50s, who had black hair but bright drawn on magenta eyebrows. Now, this chick wasn’t a drag queen and her style wasn’t particularly out there. She was just a regular lady who happened to bring some color to her brows. Upon seeing this my first thought was “this is what’s next.” Yeah I’m patting myself on the back, deal with it. More and more we’re seeing girls who’ve either dyed their hair a funky color and decided to take their brows along for the ride, or just focused entirely on the brows themselves. We definitely see this as an upcoming fad, especially seeing as the color can grow out much more quickly than a full head of hair, making the commitment factor a nonissue. And because Balenciaga did it. So, duh.

Beyond color and into the realm of serious decoration new ideas for eyebrow adornment are starting to pop up on the runway. Lagerfeld’s sparkly Chanel brows caused quite a stir, dividing the fashion community between votes of hit or miss, and now beauty based retailers are releasing clip on sparkly decorations for those who want to get adventurous.

the infamous Chanel brow
Chanel AW12 eyebrow jewelry

So what do you think? Total fashion catastrophe or new, interesting route for incorporating fashion into every last bit of your being? Our opinion is currently somewhere in the middle: we’re definitely intrigued but we’re still waiting for someone to come forward with the perfect take on this new fad.

High brow or low, you can’t deny it’s definitely eye catching!

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