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Goth Chicks

This season is presenting such a bizarre fusion of trends from all over the map. We’ve got sporty influence with snapbacks and backpacks, a touch of urban flare with the rampant nail art phenomenon, the ever present hardcore grunge vibe that doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and on top of all of that and more, we’ve got goth.

Crosses have taken over — even our Electric Witches collection features upside down cross zip detail — plus dark lipstick, wallet chains, leather ev-er-y-thing, serious almost fetish platforms, heavy handed eyeliner, harnesses and our beloved combat boots…the list goes on. Goth sensibilities have entered the mainstream; there must be so many hardcore scene kids who’ve got a bone to pick with us poseurs. But alas, we are mere slaves to fashion and can’t help it if your niche subculture is forced into the warm bright light of super popularity. And now that we’ve discovered how much fun it is to stomp around with purple hair, black nail polish, combat boots and a frown, well, we’re just going to borrow it for a while. Goth kids, we promise we will return your look next season!

old school
new skool
Miista Carol
our goth proclivities have caused a worldwide creeper shortage #nojoke

Miista May silver
lippity do dahh

Miista Sigi burgundy
Morticia 4EVR
Zana Bayne harnesses
oh Effy

Miista Rula
Dolls Kill: selling disobedience!

Miista Angela
UNIF Poison Ivy inspired lookbook

Miista Elain

Lydia Deetz

Miista Ida

Kreepsville 666

Miista Nita burgundy stars

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