January 11 / Art


Irkafirka takes your Tweets and makes them interesting.

Chris Bell, failed DJ and accidentally successful marketing consultant gave brainchild birth to Irkafirka and brought animator Nick Hilditch along for the ride. Chris is the curator, seeking out Twitter fodder fit to be brought to cartoonish life, and Nick is the life giver, using his own artistic voice to speak the words of others. Here’s their explanation:

Nick and Chris went to school together. They had all sorts of crazy plans to change the world. Mostly through the global mediums of pop music and comedy.

Twenty years on, thanks to the marvels of the modern interweb, they are still planning to change the world.

In the meantime, they trawl the Twitterverse searching for the absurd truth of life.

This is what they have found.

To check out more visit Irkafirka.com

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