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Nevermind Redux

Exactly 20 years later and grunge is back on the runways.

New York Magazine’s fashion blog The Cut gave us a rundown of the biggest Spring 2013 trends including long shorts, intricate stencils, ruffles, box tops, the Geisha looks, etc, and we couldn’t help but to be pulled in by their Nevermind Redux — a look into the revamped grunge look that’s all over the runways this season. Interestingly enough it’s been exactly 20 years since Marc Jacob’s “seminal grunge collection” for Perry Ellis, the flannel accented runway show that got the fresh faced designer canned. The grunge girl wardrobe of 2013 shares the same ’90s apathetic, carefree appeal but a very different price tag. Dries van Noten, Rochas, Miu Miu and of course Acne have all put in their two cents on the look. And it’s always funny to think about how the clothes these girls of the past were thrifting for are now staples on major catwalks. This grunge lays at the exact opposite end of the ideological spectrum of which it started but it’s still tons of fun nonetheless! A relaxed, edgy look can never go wrong — especially when weird sunglasses, pattern mixing and ripped up tees are involved.

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