January 16 / What we like


Our Pinterest addiction is getting serious again.

Our love for Pinterest grows by the day and we want all of you to get in on the fun with us! When we started talking about the site it was just a wee little one but now it’s grown to the mega-uber-superstar of the web that it is today which means A.) we know all of you have an account by now and B.) it’s time to follow us! Our page is the meeting place of all our varied inspiration — from beauty to trends, arts to guilty pleasures, you’ll find all that is the Miista mind in just one place! And of course you’ll be able to access all of our previous collections’ lookbooks and the moodboards/inspiration images that helped create them. Our favorite board though is Measured Madness where we get to collect all of the out-there ideas, images and looks that inspire us on the daily. Measured Madness is the cornerstone of our design process — the idea of combining seemingly at war elements in order to create something innovative, beautiful and fresh. So now you know how to get inside our minds and basically Being John Malcovich us so come play Miista friends!

from lookbooks...
...to their inspiration
...to your own outfits
to everything inbetween!!

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