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Anaïs On The Decks

We’re 99% sure we have the coolest accountant in the world. Her name is Anaïs and she is positively amazing. So OK, maybe she’s not on actual decks. Nonetheless she’s put together a playlist for everyone to enjoy.

We say an accountant and you probably think of a middle aged man with a boring suit and possibly brown shoes. This is so not the case with Anaïs. Always dressed in something bright and trendy, she is gorgeous. “Merde,” sometimes rings from her side of the office as she mumbles to herself when the numbers don’t up. Still, she is a total ray of sunshine! Everyone else finds her occasional French language swearing super cute – mainly because you’d never expect someone as sweet as her to even know a bad word.

Nine years ago she finished her studies in France and decided to move to the UK. “My English was rubbish, I had to improve it,” she says. Just like that she found an au pair gig in Sussex and she’s never looked back. After seven months of learning the language, she went travelling. She spent a year in Germany but her heart was aching for London and so she returned. She describes her degree as “kinda accounting” which lead her to different accounting jobs back in London again. After spotting a fashionista friend in Miista shoes, she fell for the brand. By coincidence, the company was looking for someone to help out with accounts at the time. Sophie – our head of sales – got in touch with her and the rest is pretty much history.

She is also a total music junkie – it’s not just shoes and numbers she loves! Most of the time you can spot her wearing headphones and listening to her next favourite song… And god knows where she takes her energy from, but when she’s not in the office, she’s probably at a gig seeing a band somewhere in London. That, or she’s jumped into a car to take a trip with her friends. When I asked for the best gig she’s seen in a while, she told me the House of Trees at the Servant Jazz Quarters in Dalston. But, every once in a while she sends me YouTube links with genres going from French chansons to Detroit techno too! Basically it made so much sense for her to create a playlist for Miista. It’s a lil eclectic but that’s what Anaïs herself is like. Just one of the many reasons we love her so.

We hope you dig her selection as much as we do!

Last but not least Anaïs herself in Bali!


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