January 15 / MIISTA

Post-Holiday Sale!

The holidays are over, a new season is upon us and it’s out with the old and in with the new!

We’ve got to make room for all the Spring/Summer 2013 beauties which means some of our Autumn/Winter styles are marked down — time to use any of that leftover holiday cash to buy the pair of Miistas you’ve been lusting over. And I mean really, isn’t the retail seasonal structure so amazing? It’s the height of winter still and so many amazing winter styles are on deep discount; ready for the weather and dying to be worn straight out of the box! (But of course, the fatal flaw is that all the Spring stuff is so pretty and shiny and NEW that you start to feel that hardcore longing even if you won’t be wearing them for another 4 months. Tis life.)

So below we’ve got a rundown of the styles that are on sale — if there’s a certain Miista that you’re in love with, make your move! No time to play games, they will sell out and we all know what a nightmare retail regret is. Hope that everyone can bring home a new favorite pair of shoes, and if you do be sure to send us an outfit pic to info@miista.com! You’ll be featured on our Facebook page and entered to win our monthly giveaway for a free pair of your choice — no price limitation, no fees, no nothing; just a free pair of shoes on us. There really is nothing we enjoy more than checking out how all you Miista ladies style up the shoes, you’re an inventive crowd and we’re obsessed with you. Ok done slobbering love all over you, here’s the sale shoes!

LANY green £90
MIA burgundy £70
CHLOE black £56
CHLOE tan £56
ALBA black £66
MARIE piton/taupe £66
GABRIELA camel £54
AILE black/camel £58
MANSI cognac £64
LUELA tan £64
LUELA black £56
IDA red £56
NIA red £70

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