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Our Zoe oxford went all the way this season: from bright iridescent leathers to organically inspired printed silks, there’s no dull moment with this lace up style! This Silver Iridescent leather will stand out in any crowd and is right on trend. Leather upper, leather lining, rubber sole and leather welt.

Sorry - Out of Stock

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127 Responses

  1. Shams says:

    is the 39/40 all sold out? :(

    Is there much difference between this and the purple – the purple one looks very light too!

  2. Mila says:

    Will you restock them, PLEASE ; (

  3. Clementine says:

    Pplleeeaaassseee restock them!!!You would make so many happy people :) !

  4. Amber says:

    PLEASE RESTOCK!!! These are sold out EVERYWHERE!!!

  5. MIppy says:

    Is there a mailing list I can join to notify me when these are restocked? Or even when the rest of SS13 are released? I need to buy four pairs of shoes ASAP.

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hey Mippy! If you’d like we can sign you up right now — should we use the email you left this comment with?

      • MIppy says:

        Yes! Most certainly! I’m actually desperate to buy at least four pairs of Miista shoes. I might cry.

  6. Clementine says:

    Dear Chloe,

    Can I ask you to put me also on the waiting list? Thank you in advance and wish you a lovely day!

  7. Denise Ross says:

    These are amazing – please can you add me to the waiting list? Thanks x

  8. D.A says:

    Paid more for these shoes than I should’ve back on 1/23/13 because I wanted the silver and all the online retailers here in the States were only carrying the purple ones.
    The shoes are sooooooooo rad and worth every cent! They look even more amazing in person.
    I ordered the EUR39/US9 and though tight in the toebox at first, they stretched out very nicely.
    Looks like these are sold out everywhere- buy them when they’re back in stock! You won’t regret it.

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Thanks so much for the kind words lady! Glad you managed to get your hands on a pair!! It’s getting tough to keep these babies in stock!

  9. Anna Johnson says:

    Could you put me on the waiting list as well please? Im after size 40, thanks much!

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hey all, we actually do not have a waiting list for when the Zoe gets restocked! We will be sending out a newsletter though to alert everyone — if you’d like to be added sign up here: http://eepurl.com/c8bEo

  10. Agnieszka says:

    i want them badly! any chance of restocking? purple or silver, doesnt matter

  11. Bart says:

    YAY!!! size 6.5 or even 7, I want them so bad and the yellow ones too!! xx

  12. amala says:

    add me to the list, let me know when they’re available. same as above 6.5-7 iridescent and yellow

  13. Celeste says:

    please add me to the waiting list for a 39! <3

  14. kate says:

    Have I missed the restock?

  15. kate says:

    Y I K E S!!!!

  16. GROINE says:


    JE LES VEUX… ;-)
    Can you send me a mail when you received it ?

  17. Clementine says:

    Are they only available in 40?????? :(

  18. leithian says:

    Where can I buy silver 37?

  19. Lilian says:

    are they available anywhere in Hong Kong?

  20. Marta says:

    Have I missed the restock? :(

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hi Marta, you didn’t miss the restock — we’ve been trying to get more but each time we do one of our retailers places a reorder and cleans us out! No one can seem to keep our iridescent Zoe in stock! BUT we did just place a huge order with the factory that will cover both our shop and our retailers which will arrive in approximately one month. Otherwise you can check out US retailers Nasty Gal (has a full size range), Wasteland and Thrifted & Modern!

  21. Ellie says:


    I love these please can you let me know when you will get them in again in a size 38? Thanks!!

  22. Azi says:

    Hi! Please put me on the waiting list for size 38 :)

  23. Charmaine says:

    Hi there, do you have any more size 37?? I love these and can’t find them anywhere!!! Xoxoxo

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      No one has them, including us, at the moment but give us a few weeks and there will be more! We promise!!

      • Charmaine says:

        awesome thanks, if you could please notify me via email when they come in, i would appreciate it so much!!! xoxo

  24. Jenny says:

    Will you be stocking them again? please :(((((

  25. Robyn says:

    When are you getting these re-stocked?? Will they be available in your shop for me to try on?? Thanks xx

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hi Robyn, we should be getting more in the next few weeks. If you are near our studio in Hackney, East London you could come by to try some on!

      • Robyn says:

        Great! Where is your studio exactly?? Just in case could you please put me on the waiting list for the silver zoe’s?? THANKS

        • Tess says:

          Dear Robyn,
          Our studio’s address is bellow:
          STUDIO 17 (second floor)
          203 RICHMOND ROAD,
          LONDON, E8 3NJ
          Office number: +44(0)208 986 34 26

  26. Kate says:

    Hi there, Will you have more irridescent silver in size 41 please pretty please.


    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hey Kate! So we are supposed to be getting more around the end of the month BUT if you don’t want to wait that long a bunch of our retailers have the silver in a 41! Check out American Rag amrag.com, Nasty Gal nastygal.com, Folkster folkster.com or Thrifted and Modern thriftedandmodern.com

  27. Natalie says:


    Will you be getting these back in in a size UK37????????? I have checked everywhere!

  28. angelyn says:

    hi i cannot find size 38 anywhere. will they be coming in?

  29. Sarah says:

    Is there a way to be notified when they come in? I am just obsessed by those shoes!

  30. Sarah says:

    *and don’t want to miss out

  31. Sarah says:

    *Just saw the newsletter link. So I guess I just answered my question.

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      hah yep the newsletter would be your best bet! we will be sure to announce it loud and clear when these babies arrive!!

  32. angelyn says:

    hi is it still available? did i miss it this time?

  33. Charmaine says:

    Is Size 7 on Bullett Media Shop Size 37???

  34. Miki says:

    Hi, Just want to know anywhere could buy size 37? I had try Bullett Media but they don’t have delivery service to London when I check out:(

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Ah sorry about that Miki! Unfortunately there don’t seem to be any size 7s left — we will look around some more and let you know if we find anything though! Also we will be getting a restock of this style at the end of August in the silver and purple iridescent along with some brand new colorways!

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Oh wait, we just went on Bullett to see about the international shipping and they do ship to London! On the first page of check out it asks you to enter your zip code and country and the UK is listed — might want to try again. From the site:

      BULLETT offers USPS Express Mail International delivery for orders shipped outside of the United States. Approximate international shipping time is 3 to 5 business days.

    • Chloe Dinga says:

      Hah sorry for so many comments but we had to let you know that we found another size 7 available! The Well LA has our silver iridescent Zoe in their online shop: http://wellstore.la/miista-zoe-flat/dp/3477

  35. Emily says:

    Please put me on the mailing list with this email!

  36. Fatima says:

    Please add me on the waiting list for this shoe! Love it!

  37. MIKI says:

    You said end of Aug, not Sep again please!!!

  38. MIKI says:


  39. emilyjade says:

    PLEASE email me if these become available again – I would be the best present buyer EVER! thanking youin advance – Em x

  40. wildebees says:

    A lot of you have been asking when will these be back.

    We are happy to announce that they will be available on our website Wednesday evening!

  41. C.O. 2DA says:

    I like these are they men shoes??

  42. Lucy says:

    All gone in 5 already? :(
    Will you get more in?

  43. Ploi says:

    Hi! so size 38 is sold out again! Any chance I can get it somewhere or will you be restocking any time soon?

    • wildebees says:

      Yes, we are restocking this week. If you are based in the US, a shop called Pale Violet in LA has them as well.

  44. Alice says:

    Hey! I desperately want to order these for my birthday, I looked last week and they were available to buy but all the buying options seem to have gone now? Are they all sold out again? And if so will you be restocking?? (At least in a size 4 please!) Thanks a lot :)

  45. Claranne says:

    I’ve been wearing them for 1 week now : I LOVE THEM. Thanks Miista!! Can’t wait to see next season oxford colors!

  46. Christine says:

    Got these a week or two ago, they’re so great! Really comfy. Only thing I would say is that the heel is a little hard – I’ve had a blister or two, but it’s a part of wearing them in. Love them.

  47. lotus says:

    Hi!size 37 is sold out again! Any chance I can get it somewhere or will you be restocking any time soon?

  48. Lotus says:

    Hi!size 37 is sold out again! Any chance I can get it somewhere or will you be restocking any time soon?Thank you!

  49. Alexa says:

    hi! would you be restocking this anytime soon? :) i’m a size 36! tried to check so many times but i always seem to miss out :( would love to buy one if you’re restocking, thank you :)

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Alexa,
      Oh no! That’s a shame you keep missing out. Where are you based? We can have a look and see if anyone has them in stock for you. You can email info@miista.com with your details.


  50. Ruqaiya says:

    where I can find a 39 in london ??
    if no, please add me in the waiting list :(
    i waaaaaaaaaaant it please

    • Sophie says:

      Hi Ruqaiya,
      There’s a pair of 39 available on the site? We’re based in Hackney, London you’re welcome to come and try them on if you like? There’s only 1 pair left though so think fast!


  51. Clémence says:

    Please tell me there is a last pair of 37 available…

  52. Sophie says:


    Do you know anywhere that has these in a uk 3/4?! I’ve been looking everywhere!!


    • Ella Hagi says:

      Unfortunately we don’t have any left in that sizes. Our Zoe Dragonfly will be available in your size on ASOS soon though!

  53. Poppy says:


    Will a size 5 be available soon? also i’m a size 5.5, would a 6 be too big?

    Thank you, everything is beautiful!


    • wildebees says:

      Hi Poppy, afraid not – we also checked other stockists and they don’t have a 5. I would not buy a 6, it would be too large. :(

      • Poppy says:

        Awh no :( will you be restocked by May time? Thanks. I shan’t :)

        • Ella Hagi says:

          Poppy, I’m afraid we’re not planning to at the moment but we might change our minds in the future. We have the Zoes available in a few different colours though!

  54. Kate says:

    Just adding my name to the PLEASE restock chorus!

  55. Shandiz says:


    Could you please restock these shoes.
    Too popular to not to be stocked again …

    • Ella Hagi says:

      Hi Shandiz, at the minute we’re not planning on bringing it back but there might be another iridescent Zoe coming for AW14!

      • Shandiz says:

        Hi Ella,

        Thanks for the reply. I think I will get them in another colour that u have currently available (the ones with black sole). However before placing the order, are these shoes true to size? I normally wear 8.5 (nz/aus size). Thanks for your help in advance xxx

        • Ella Hagi says:

          Hey Shandiz, I’ve checked the conversion for Australian sizes – it looks that 8.5 corresponds to UK6.5. The Zoe runs slightly big so we’d recommend going with a size 6! x

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  57. Jay says:

    Hi! Will these shoes be restocked? Also, if I’m a women’s 11 in USA size, what would I be in the UK?

    • Ella Hagi says:

      Hi Jay! I’m afraid we don’t do a US11 at all – we go up to US10 which is EU41. The Zoe does run a bit on the bigger size, so it might potentially fit, however this size is out of stock and we’re not planning to restock at the moment. I found something very similar available here if you wanted to give them a try! http://www.wildfang.com/metropolis-derby.html

  58. ghada says:


    Are you going to restock ZOE IRIDESCENT SILVER as well :( ?

    • Ella Hagi says:

      Hi Ghada, unfortunately we’re not planning to, but we do have some new Zoe brogues coming soon!

  59. florencia says:

    Hi! Do you know anywhere that has these in uk 39\40 ?

  60. Nadya says:

    Want to buy the Zoe in silver size EU 37. How and where can I get one??

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