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Style Heroine

Yolandi Vi$$er is it.

Die Antwoord, the South African ZEF style rap duo that’s catapulted onto the global scene is comprised of Ninja, a foul mouthed, tatted up bad motha, and Yolandi, a gorgeous alien creature that can sing like an angel and rap like a demon. According to their website dieantwoord.com Yolandi is “a lazy arse, scruffy hair, outa bed stumbling, illegal cigarette smoking, freek mode munchie getting, Nutella right to the edge of her white bread spreading, cute boy wif no front teeth scoping, ‘wot de fok happened last night? I’m never drinking again!” vowing, headache pumping, horse tranquilizer pill popping, squishy little cheekie weekie zef rap rave pixie. Yolandi Vi$$er is by far da freshest rapper alive on planet earth…duh.” I mean I think that about says it all doesn’t it? Her unique style is a mobile representation of ZEF culture — a South African subculture which pays homage to the low class, the everyman, the rats — their words, not ours. She and Ninja are creative masterminds, they type who turn down millions to retain complete creative control, and we are in the process of putting together a killer feature on them so stay tuned! You really won’t want to miss it — from music videos to short films, outrageous interviews to boner-ific plastic toys, Die Antwoord exists solely on the next level. And if you aren’t familiar, watch the video Baby’s on Fire below and prepare to have your face melt.

Rich Bitch video
pet rats
Yolandi + Ninja
flame on motha fokers

Ten$ion album art
dats gangsta
Fok Julle Naaiers video

happy little family: Yolandi, Ninja & Sixteen
Rich Bitch


Enter the Ninja video



Umshini Wam - Die Antwoord x Harmony Korine

Sixteen Jones
Yolandi Vi$$er

Umshini Wam - bring me my machine gun

on the cover of the Rolling Stone

And we love this video….taxi rides with Die Antwoord….

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