Miss Bean’s Gaze

Miss Bean is a Hong Kong based photographer known for her sensitive, tender looking work. Write what you know


Brendan Monroe is a 34-year-old artist living with his wife and cat Jalapeño. His art is his interpretation of

Interview: Eleanor Hardwick

Eleanor Hardwick is an impressive young woman. In her 21 years she’s done more than most others, and her

Silvia Grav: Surreal/Tangible

Research doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a hermit as you dive into the internet and bury yourself under books. Sometimes

Jacky Tsai

Skulls in art may be argued to be slightly overdone, but this is very much forgotten when you see

‘Doodle-Bombing’ a la Hattie Stewart

Forget photo-bombing – it seems London-based cult illustrator Hattie Stewart has taken the world by storm with her distinctive


New Zealand artist Karley Feaver works with taxidermy, sculpture and photography to create a unique, fantastical breed of exotic

Corinne Day – Fashion laid bare

The litmus test of enduring talent is always found when you come back to something after years away and

Sarah Lucas has nice tits

In fact Sarah Lucas has a eyebrow-raising selection of all sorts of genitalia; whether its blokes and their bits, giant

Gottfried Helnwein

Provocative and controversial, this Vienna based artist explores sociological and psychological depths in his hyper realistic watercolors and

Chad Wys: Destroy to Create

Mixed media artist Chad Wys explores new meaning as he twists the context of familiar objects through aggressive color

Miista Musings: Luigi Benedicenti

Just as the cream filled desserts that he paints, we want to take a bite right out of Luigi

Louise Pomeroy

We were able to chat a bit with the incredibly talented illustrator Louise Pomeroy and we are so excited

Michael Lau

Action figures for grown up

Sebastiaan Bremer

This Dutch artist uses an experimental, unique process to create abstract snapshots of his mind that speak to the

Shiro Kuramata

“My strongest desire is to be free of gravity, free of bondage. I want to float.” — Shiro

Art Wars

“When you directly copy another artist’s body of work for your own fame and monetary gain, without any acknowledgement,


“Textile creatures from a man living in a fairytale

Dr Lukas Brezak & his cats

Czech Republic born illustrator Lukas Brezak’s illustrations are hyper stylish and majorly captivating. And include lots of cats. We

Are you fancy enough?

Baron von Fancy creates everything you never knew you


Irkafirka takes your Tweets and makes them