• KingsCrossPonds_RG006

    July 30 / MIISTA

    Swim In Art

    WRITTEN BY DIMITRA SOTIRCHOS It probably goes without saying, but we have never encountered a natural bathing pond in the middle of an urban development site. The Kings Cross Pond club is just that,…


    July 16 / Art / Meet A Miista / Women

    Meet A Miista: Simone Blain

    MEET A MIISTA 1 0 3  seconds with Simone Blain Simone Blain: Independent painter / a member of the Coven Collective / Feminist / Canadian / Breakfast Enthusiast / Miista   The…

  • StudioShotSandraChevrier-2-1024x768

    July 8 / Meet A Miista

    Meet A Miista: Sandra Chevrier

    So we’ve decided to launch a new category on the blog today, let us introduce Meet A Miista: a catalogue of worldly gals who are a testament to our brand. And without…

  • Miista and Sandra

    July 7 / Art / What we like / Women


    Catwoman, lycra, and whips: every man’s fantasy, or a female Superheroine? We’ve come a long way from Bride to Be, Nellie the Nurse, and Mille the Model comic books since Marvel debuted…

  • Miss_Bean_Photography_02

    January 14 / Art / Photography / What we like

    Miss Bean’s Gaze

    Miss Bean is a Hong Kong based photographer known for her sensitive, tender looking work. Write what you know is a mantra stressed to any young writer and it makes sense for…

  • Brendan Monroe Blobography

    November 12 / Art


    Brendan Monroe is a 34-year-old artist living with his wife and cat Jalapeño. His art is his interpretation of the world. It’s him seeking to challenge himself with new ideas and mediums.…

  • 12365-7853130-herebefore00

    October 6 / Art / Interview

    Interview: Eleanor Hardwick

    Eleanor Hardwick is an impressive young woman. In her 21 years she’s done more than most others, and her talent isn’t restricted to just photography either. Her illustrations, comics and reviews are…

  • silvia grav

    August 13 / Art / Photography

    Silvia Grav: Surreal/Tangible

    Research doesn’t necessarily mean becoming a hermit as you dive into the internet and bury yourself under books. Sometimes you come across artists like Silvia Grav, and inspiration just so happens to…

  • jacky tsai

    August 8 / Art / What we like

    Jacky Tsai

    Skulls in art may be argued to be slightly overdone, but this is very much forgotten when you see the incredible work of artist Jacky Tsai.

  • hs9-400x552

    August 6 / Art / What we like

    ‘Doodle-Bombing’ a la Hattie Stewart

    Forget photo-bombing – it seems London-based cult illustrator Hattie Stewart has taken the world by storm with her distinctive and vibrant style of ‘Doodle-Bombing’.

  • aneta-bartos-kept-400x550

    July 29 / Art / Photography / What we like

    Aneta Bartos & The Female Gaze

    On the spot today is the Polish photographer Aneta Bartos.

  • April 1 / Interview / What we like

    Illustrator Interviewed: Caitlin Viar

    On the spot today is Caitlin Viar, an illustration student at the Savannah College of Art and Design.