• May 14 / Uncategorized

    Big in Japan: ELECTROMANCER!

    Japanese street style is adventurous, inventive and totally mad. Obviously Miista fits right in!

  • April 16 / Art

    Shiro Kuramata

    “My strongest desire is to be free of gravity, free of bondage. I want to float.” — Shiro Kuramata

  • April 2 / Uncategorized

    Paradise Found

    February/March/April. You make it through these three months are you are rewarded with some nice weather, long days and less work. That amazing something called SUMMER. You just have to survive Spring…

  • March 8 / Uncategorized

    Graphic Novel

    Fashion editorial Graphic Novel shot by Michael Sanders for Elle Japan features major futurism and the perfect bob.

  • January 15 / Uncategorized

    Censorship, Innovation & Sex with Octopi

    The strict censorship laws in Japan have created an environment ripe for innovation in the adult sector. And the Japanese, well they’re a creative people.

  • October 4 / Uncategorized

    Bagel Heads

    Japan’s hottest new beauty trend represents well…anything but in Western culture. This bizarre trend is taking over the streets as more Eastern hipsters inject their foreheads in an utterly confusing manner. By…

  • September 14 / MIISTA

    Big in Japan!

    With our Electric Witches Fall collection finally lining shelves the press has started rolling in. And although we’ve got our HQ in East London and a satellite office in NYC, it’s Japan…

  • January 2 / What we like

    Korean Takeover

    We are all familiar with the Harajuku girls. They are always dressed to the nines, cute as can be and giggling their way into a dominant Japanese man’s heart. Japanese female role…