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The floral trend has come back with a vengeance this Spring.

The runways this season were a veritable garden, flourishing with every type of flower known to man. This feminine and quite attractive detailing has transcended the realm of ultra-girly and has become ubiquitous in women’s clothing, no matter what the personal style at hand. From oversize, super bright screen print to subtle embroidery, the flowers are a-bloomin! And our Spring collection LIVE FREE RIDE HARD is no exception to the rule as our JULIA style features a dainty little bouquet of embroidered blossoms. JULIA is a great casual style — a comfortable smoking slipper, the shoe comes in both black and navy suede and is adorned with orange, blue, purple, yellow and red flowers situated amongst green vines. The versatility of the shoe makes it a must-have for the season, especially as floral prints have become somewhat of a staple and even a neutral. With the advent of pattern mixing the shoes can really be worn with almost anything.

One of our absolute favorite stylings of the JULIA comes from our dear friend Chantal of the fashion blog Coco Rosa. Our lovely lady paired the navy JULIA with an all pink ensemble, reminding all of us at Miista how cool pink can be. Sometimes you forget how much you can do with a certain hue, and Chantal certainly knows how to wield the color! Check out Chantal’s get up below along with our run down of the best runway florals.

Chantal of Coco Rosa in pink on pink with her JULIAs
Chantal of Coco Rosa
Chantal of Coco Rosa

From the subtle to the severe, like weeds on a front lawn floral sprouted up everywhere. We basically live for Proenza Schouler, everything about the brand from the incredible offerings they present each season to their speed of light launch to the top (after presenting their final collection for Parsons the entire line was bought up by Barneys, they hadn’t even graduated yet.) And their use of florals this season certainly hit the spot. They went the more subtle route, using quite colors as they mixed baby blue petals on oxfords with with mustard yellow lilies on skirts. They hit a tropical note with yellow and turquoise floral print wrap dresses and bustiers, and put out some halter action and a nicely tailored romper using dark brown with a range of light blue hues. Matthew Williamson did something very interesting with his flowers — he tapped into his expertise with bold graphics and fun, lively colors to create something of a collage on his Spring dresses. It was simple and sparse but kept the eye moving across the garment. He also integrated a healthy dose of orange, the color that everyone has been raving about all Spring long. Erdem went in a similar direction by placing simple floral designs strategically throughout the clothing, but the tailoring in this collection? Above and beyond. Much more structured than Williamson’s flowier wears. Diane von Furstenberg, the queen of pretty sophistication, presented a youthful oversize floral print paired with a soft yellow and neutrals. Christopher Kane’s collection just might hold our favorite use of floral this season — in very oversimplified terms, it looks as if he cut flowers from magazines and pasted them throughout the collection. It is beautiful, fun and quirky — all the adjectives a floral ensemble should be worthy of.

Proenza Scouler
Matthew Williamson
Matthew Williamson - floral collage feel
Diane von Furstenberg
Christopher Kane

On the opposite end of the spectrum, Prabal Gurung went bright, bright, bright and silky showing vibrant purple abstract floral designs on cut out dresses and flowy shifts. Peter Som went in a less feminine direction with his graphic floral patterned suits and dresses, presenting an almost Hawaiian feel. Similarly, Altuzarra also had the Hawaiian vibe, with a collection of seriously vibrant graphics that were as busy as could be. Oscar de la Renta’s collection was every fairy princesses dream, as he splatter daffodils all over gowns and frilly separates. The models stalked the runway with just as many flowers in their hair in this perfectly girl collection. Mary Katrantzou went all out with color, creating a beautiful collection featuring all over simple floral print covered by thick horizontal stripes of various bold colors.

Prabal Gurung
Peter Som
Oscar de la Renta
Mary Katrantzou

It’s pretty cool how manicures are changing. I mean nails have been essentially living under the tyrannical reign of the French tip for decades, and now all of a sudden it’s all changing. Nail art is no longer a declasse endeavor. And of course the floral trend made its way to our talons this season. From Warhol inspired to dot-by-dot daisies, nail flowers are a really great DIY — but some of the ideas below are probably best left to your favorite manicurist. We don’t all have that kind of dexterity with a brush!

Warhol nails
Daisy dots
Fabric inspiration
Out of this world floral
Dainty applique

And if you aren’t comfortable going out dressed as a flower pot, the trend has also entered into our accessories. Prada’s 1950’s style floral clutches are calling our name, and they are also screaming Spring with that perfect kelly green. Prada also showed some door knocker earrings, featuring great turquoise roses on the lobe. Jil Sander did some special little sparkly earrings with the stones arranged as abstract flowers, at least in our opinion, I mean seven large dots in a circular fashion can always kind of be a flower right? And Oscar de la Renta’s oversize dangly daisies are mouthwateringly girly, the perfect ultra-femmy accessory. And then the shoes, oh the shoes! They were so beautiful. Rochas released some 1960’s heeled sandals with a slew of pastel flowers attached to the strap and an art deco style wooden heel. McQueen managed to soften the severity of the heel-less shoe trend by attaching delicate purple and white petals to a silver base. Peter Pilotto went super modern with his shiny leather and lucite pumps featuring the happiest navy, white and yellow daisies.

Prada clutch
Jil Sander
Oscar's daisies
Alexander McQueen
Peter Pilotto

Whenever we’re investigating trends we always follow the same path — NY Magazine fashion section, style.com and then Tumblr. The Tumblr girls know how to work a trend like no other, so enjoy this montage of our favorite floral interpretations. Street style gurus galore!

A closet full...
DIY headband
Floral with an edge
Love this combination
Head piece & crop top
Kitties for floral
Even boys get in the spirit
Prada in action
Gorgeous vintage asian house coat
On trend lipstick
A bit of pattern mixing
A little floral edge

And since it’s been stuck in our heads all day — with love from Mz Minaj

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