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Weird is Hot

Weird Beauty: Fashion Photography Now was an exhibit held a few years back at New York’s International Center of Photography. The focus of the show was to demonstrate the influences behind fashion photography and the impact of literature, art, digital media and history. And of course it reinforced what we already know: weird is super hot.
By Chloe Dinga.

Organized by Carol Squiers and Vince Aletti, the walls of the ICP were slathered in work by fashion’s most innovative photogs: from Steven Klein to Juergen Teller. The photographs themselves were on display in addition to covers from world wide publications both mainstream and independent, and most fun of all — literally hundreds of tear sheets took up space next to the finished products. With a focus on the now, only images from three years prior to the present were included to really drive home the new influences behind fashion photography including including art, sexuality, narrative, digital media, and youth culture. Furthermore, the exhibit also shows that the typical primary objective — selling a product — is often now ignored in favor instead of eye catching creative work.

Heart broken that we can’t turn back time and go ourselves we’ve included some of the most interesting pieces from the exhibit below. Moments like this are exactly why there should be a government task force figuring out time travel right now.

Tim Walker's A Magic World, Vogue Italia 2008
Richard Burbridge's Pink Eye 2008
Dakota Fanning by Juergen Teller, Purple Magazine 2007
Steven Klein's Le Gôut des Robes, Vogue Paris 2007
Steven Klein's Le Gôut des Robes, Vogue Paris 2007
Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott's I'm a Marionette, 2007
Tim Walker, 2007
Sølve Sundsbø's Camouflage, 2007
Steven Klein's Untitled, 2008
Paolo Roversi's Blue Mask, 2007

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