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at Miista

Translations Internship

Our internship offers a great opportunity to learn about many aspects of the fashion industry. We’re friendly too!

If you're interested to help us with marketing projects, get in touch! Our intern has to be based in London and able to speak English.It's also mandatory to write & speak in at least one language from the list below:

* Japanese

* Korean  

* Malaysian

* Mandarin

* Cantonese

Native level written and spoken language is preferred.

Our intern has to understand all the relevant social media channels (TikTok, Wechat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook) and be on top of all things current.

You'll learn about social media strategies and most importantly you'll have a chance to publish your writing/translation.

It's an excellent opportunity to learn from our marketing team - you'll get to see how the business side of Miista works.
Our team is small and things are very collaborative here. It's a chance to learn things a very strict role might not teach you. We're looking for someone able to work 3-5 days a week from home, ideally available to start right away. The internships last for three months. You'll be able to work from your home. If it is you that we're looking for, please get in touch with Oriana at

Please mark in the subject line whether you are interested in Miista internship and your native language. Your email may be overlooked otherwise. Please attach your CV and tell us a bit about yourself (involving fun facts aren't mandatory but it would probably make us happy).
Please pitch one idea you think would work for the TikTok also send an example of something you've written before (in English AND your native language).
This could be work for uni or a piece for your own blog - we just wanna see you work that word magic. You'll be interviewed through Google Hangouts platform so make sure to download it on your phone beforehand.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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